Jessica Goldman LMT
It's time to find your second wind!

Services and Rates

Therapeutic Massage

60 min $75

90 min $105

120 min $135

Jessica believes in a client centered approach and will tailor each session using a blend of techniques.

  • Neuromuscular- deep tissue work to relieve adhesions, muscle knots and spasms
  • Lomi Lomi- Hawaiian massage using long flowing strokes
  • Acupressure- applying pressure points along meridian lines
  • Trigger point- treats hyperirritable muscle knots that cause referred pain
  • Reflexology- uses pressure points on hands, feet and ears for a reflexive effect in corresponding body parts
  • Myofascial- releases restrictions in fascia and connective tissue
  • Swedish- relaxation massage, improves circulation and relieves stress
  • Grigorian Method ® - joint mobilization and range of motion combined with the application of pressure points. Preventative treatment for inflammatory diseases and therapeutic for restrictive conditions
  • Lash Method/Gua Sha-Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. Similar to the Graston method, but using hand made obsidian tools to treat muscle adhesions, scar tissue and targeting other problem areas.